About us

Established in 2012, Asianajotoimisto Haavisto Oy is a growing Finnish law firm. We are committed to provide high quality legal services for our clients. We provide services for both private customers and companies. With our partners, we can offer inclusive services for companies aiming for international markets, both here in Finland and abroad. The services we and our partners provide consists of planning the route to international markets and providing the services that these companies need to act on the plan.

We are looking for reliable partners around the world – law firms that have expertise of the legislation in their countries, with regard to commerce law as well as regulations relating to import and export and taxation, in particular. Our goal is to provide services for 1) Finnish companies that are planning to expand their business abroad and to 2) foreign companies that are planning to expand their business to Finland.

An ideal partner for our company is a law firm that has the interest, knowledge and ability to learn as well as possesses the necessary resources to perform when needed. We value your desire to become a part of a global network and develop high quality services for our clients. If you are interested in getting additional information, please contact us by email elma@lakihaavisto.fi or by phone +35840 5353 211.
Our partners here in Finland are Lingo Languages, Develooppi and PDGE Project Development Group Europe.

Lingo Languages Oy

  • analysis of language skills and cultural knowledge
  • international communication
  • translations, reviews and terminology work
  • localization
  • lingo.fi

Develooppi Oy

PDGE Project Development Group Europe

  • strategic consulting for entering into international markets
  • consulting of expert service exporting
  • productization of expert services
  • pdge.eu